Christian Life Coaching

As a Certified Life Coaching Practitioner, I work with individuals, couples, and groups. I began Coaching in 2013, when I offered my services to individuals through a local non-profit, and eventually created a Recovery Coaching program. I can meet with Christian Life Coaching clients in-person at my office in Kansas City, and in other states and countries through tele-coaching on a secure video platform. 

If you would like a free 15-minute phone call to see if my Christian Life Coaching services are a good fit for you, click the button below. 

What is Christian Life Coaching? 

Coaching is a self-regulated field, so definitions of what coaching is can vary based on the coach, and the industry they coach within. Many people are familiar with sports coaching, but there are coaches for all kinds of things. Business coaching, executive coaching, performance coaching, and life coaching are popular kinds of coaching as well. I provide Christian Life Coaching in my practice. Christian Life Coaching is about seeing transformation in your Christian Life. We can talk about other areas of your life if you want, and you may even see some positive improvements in the rest of your life. I hope you do. However, in my Christian Life Coaching, the primary focus of our time will be seeking transformation in your Christian Life. 

How does Christian Life Coaching Work?

In addition to careful and compassionate listening and making suggestions, much of my coaching consists in leading you through exercises in real-time. While I may suggest exercises to try on your own between sessions, the essence of my Christian Life Coaching is to be with you in the moment. This is not unlike how a sports coach might introduce a drill and provide guidance as an athlete performs it, so they can get the hang of it. 

One of my favorite exercises is a method of prayer that helps clients experience the personal presence of God for themselves. This new for Christians who feel like they are, “just praying to the ceiling.” Once connected, I can coach clients to interact directly with the Lord regarding where they want to see transformation in their Christian Life. I have found this simple method to result in surprising, even supernatural transformation. But, there are other exercises too. 

How is Christian Life Coaching different from seeing a Pastor or a Licensed Professional Counselor?

Christian Life Coaching is different from pastoral ministry, mainly in that I, as your Coach, don’t have pastoral authority over you. I can make suggestions for ideas to consider, or exercises to try, but you are ultimately responsible for whether or not you want to take me up on it. Christian Life Coaching is different from Licensed Counseling mainly in that it focuses on spiritual goals rather than other life goals. 

It is in-line with what Jesus said in John 10:10:

"I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."

Goals for Christian Life Coaching might include: wanting to have better sense of personal relationship with God, growing in your personal sense of calling and purpose in your Christian Life, having beliefs, desires, or emotional responses that are more in line with God’s intended design for you, acting or behaving more in-line with God’s will, living in relationship with others in a more Godly way, or living in victory over spiritual warfare. But there are many more. If your goal is unclear for you, I can help you clarify what you would like to achieve in your Christian Life. 

It may be helpful to see comparison of how I see Licensed Counselors, Pastors, and my Christian Life Coaching differing in how they handle the goals, tools, and relationship they use in their work. This isn’t all-inclusive or laser-precise, but I hope it helps paint a picture for you. If you have more questions I’d be happy to answer them in a free 15-minute phone call. 


Goals: mental health, relationship, wellness, and career goals.

Tools: Counseling Techniques, Therapeutic Modalities 

Relationship: Licensed Expert


Goals: Transformation in Christian living

Tools: Counseling Techniques, Therapeutic Modalities 

Relationship: Partnership of Equals


Goals: Salvation, Sanctification

Tools: Teaching, Shepherding

Relationship: Ordained Authority

What if you are not a Christian?

I am, but I can still see you as a Christian Life Coach. My personal faith is like a lens that I see the whole world through, especially Christian Life Coaching. I can’t help it. However, Christian Life Coaching is about helping clients achieve their goals related to their Christian Life. Perhaps my Professional Counseling Services would be better for you. Either way, I'd be happy to explore this with you in a free 15-minute phone call.